Follow the story. Solve the clues. Win half the total cash value of the project.

The aim of BuriedLoot is to reintroduce the sense of adventure and excitement that’s missing from our modern world. We are a generation of people born too late to discover new lands and too early to discover new worlds. Therefore, adventure is ours to create, and BuriedLoot is our attempt to do just that.

The first series of BuriedLoot is titled Skull & Bones and reflects a time period often looked back on with romantic ideals and adventurous envy. The Pirates. The real treasure hunters. And what does every great adventure need? A Treasure worth pursuing.

Our Treasure Chest (which will be won by one of you) will contain half of all the money flowing into the project. All the minting of the pirates, all the minting of the clues and tokens, all the royalties from secondary sales. Half of all of it goes into the treasure chest to be won at the end of this ten-week event.

Minting opens on December 17th. The minting portal will be open for a week and whatever isn’t minted in this week will be BURNED. Halfway through this week we will release the first chapter of the story for people to read and to get involved in the world we are creating.

Important note: You’ll need to be holding either a Pirate or a Token in your wallet in order to win the final prize.

The Game Explained

There are three sets of NFT’s within the BuriedLoot Treasure Hunt Game.

The Pirates:

Whatever doesn’t get minted from the 5,555 supply within the first week gets burned. Whoever mints a Pirate will be airdropped three tokens per week. You can burn one of these tokens in order to mint a clue each week. You can also mint clues and tokens directly from the website but the point of owning a Pirate is that you get to play the whole game for just the minting price.

The Clues:

There 10 clues spread out over 10 weeks that need to be solved to win the final prize. The clues themselves are NFT’s that can be bought and sold.

  1. You’ll need to have held each clue in your wallet (we can check through transaction history) in order to win the final prize.
  2. Clue’s only have a supply of 1/4 the total number of Pirates. If we mint 5,555 Pirates. Each week we will only mint 1,388 of each clue. We do this to create a marketplace of buying and selling clues, an opportunity for players to profit along the way.
  3. You’ll need to either mint a clue with a Token or buy one from someone that has already solved the clue.
  4. The actual Clue NFT’s will be Concealed. They are essentially access cards to where the real clue is presented for you to solve. Feel free to take screenshots to reference them later before you sell your clue again and get locked out.

The Tokens:

These will be airdropped to Pirate Holders and come with their own unique capabilities. Namely:

  1. You can burn one token to mint one clue.
  2. You can sell tokens to other players that want to join the game in the ten weeks between the mint and the final prize being won. Anyone can join the game up until the end of the ten-week process, so demand for the tokens is expected increase dramatically towards the end of the game, especially as the treasure chest begins to fill up with life changing rewards.
  3. You can collect the tokens to exchange for our cryptocurrency in the future. Once we launch Series 3 of Buried Loot, we will be creating a cryptocurrency as part of the game to be replacing the Token aspect. A certain number of tokens can be collected to combine into a coin bag. A certain number of coin bags can be combined to create a treasure chest. Each of these three levels: Coin, Coin Bag, and Treasure Chest, can be exchanged for different amounts of our cryptocurrency.

The Ideal way to Play BuriedLoot

Bring some friends together to play, even if they’re not into NFT’s. Two heads are better than one when it comes to solving puzzles.
  1. Mint a Pirate (or multiple).
  2. Read the story (It’s important).
  3. Collect your three tokens per week.
  4. Use one of these tokens to mint your clue per week.
  5. Either begin collecting the other tokens, sell them, or a combination of both.
  6. Solve the clue, write down the answer, screenshot the actual clue.
  7. Sell the clue on a secondary marketplace for a profit.
  8. Wait for next week’s story. Do it again.
  9. Keep a record of your answers, of the clues etc.
  10. Once the final clue is revealed you’ll need to work hard and fast. First one to solve the final clue, to go through the process, will win the Grand Prize. The Ultimate Jackpot. Half of all the money that has come into the project.

Important Note:

If you are playing as part of a team, make sure you use the SAME WALLET for all transactions. Multisig wallets can be used for this or just entrust one individual to make all the transactions.

Hot Tip:

If you want to get an idea of what kind of riddles and clues will be part of the game, join our discord and navigate to the Mini Games channel. The more you understand those mini-games, the better prepared you will be for the real games to come. Be sure to say hello while you’re in there!


Can we play in teams?

Yarr matie, we encourage it. A Captain is nothing without his crew. Two heads are better than one. Four heads are better than two. But the larger your numbers, the larger your chances are there’s a snake among you. Make sure you trust those you work with and we will work with the winning person or team to divvy the winnings accordingly. Of course, you can always choose to travel these waters alone.

What if a few whales try and manipulate the clues, buy them all up and price them too high, or don’t sell them at all?

Minting of clues will be limited to one per transaction. If the market for clues doesn’t flow with the velocity required for everyone to participate in the game, we will flood the market with the particular clue that is too scarce for people to afford. Make a profit, but don’t get too greedy folks.

Do I really have to buy every single clue?

The clue you purchase will be concealed in some way, so you’ll need to buy it to see the actual clue hidden beneath. This creates a secondary market for people to play the game in and it adds to the overall treasure at the end through the royalties that will be syphoned.
You don’t need to be HOLDING all the clues by the end. The aim of the game is to buy the clue, solve it, record the answer in a notebook of sorts, then sell the clue off. If you play right, you’ll only need to pay for the first clue, then you can make a profit along the way to the last clue.

What if someone shares a screenshot of a revealed clue?

That might help people solve that particular clue, but we will be able to check through transaction history that you’ve held all the clues in your wallet at some point. Only those that have held each clue will be eligible to win. If you play as a team, make sure it’s the same wallet you use for all the transactions.

How much will the final treasure be worth?

It’s impossible to put a number on this, because we don’t know just how big the game will get. But we can extrapolate from other NFT projects. Let’s take your standard 5,555 PFP project with no other utility other than a picture of a thing. They sell on average for about $200 each, or 1-2 sol. If they sell out, which a lot of them do, that’s 1 million dollars through the door on day one.

Let’s add to that the sale and re-sale of all the clues, the sale of the coins, and the number starts to grow. Fifty percent of what’s left after we take tax out of the equation goes to the winner and the runners up. The winner, of course, taking the lion’s share.

Most projects have up until they mint to build hype. We have up until we mint, and then ten weeks after that until the treasure is found. That’s a lot of time for Buried Loot to grow and grow and grow. The larger it grows, the more people we can reward without the ultimate winner suffering any financial loss.

Is this a one-time thing?

No. This is just the first. Our aim is to create a new Treasure Hunt once per quarter. Every three months we want to change people’s lives. Each edition in the hunt having a new theme, a new story, a new style of art. Themes to come include: Wild Wild West. Museum Heist. Bank Robbery. Getaway Driver. Femme Fatale.

Will the avatars hold value after the game?

That’s up to the community. If a normal PFP project can hold value with no other utility, then we’re confident ours can too. We also aim to reward people retroactively once the game is done. Can’t say with what exactly, but we’re very excited to surprise some people.

Tired of flipping profile pics for pennies?

Want a chance to win something truly life changing, not through luck, but through your wits and ingenuity?

The Crew

Ferris J - Project Founder

Ferris is a writer and adventurer with a deep passion for crypto and NFT’s. Buried Loot was born out of a project he has planned for his kids when they come of age. Each year, their birthday present will lay at the end of a National Treasure style treasure hunt, growing in scope each year until it eventually takes them around the world to dig up clues on a beach in Thailand, to finding hints in the catacombs beneath Paris.

His passion for injecting fun and adventure into this stale world sparked with his interest in NFT’s to create Buried Loot, to share that love of adventure with you.

Maximus J - Co-Founder

Max brings a comprehensive understanding of the NFT marketplace, blockchain and the mechanics behind the project. Helping bring together an amazing team from the artist to the dev’s and more.

Meaghan D - Artist

Meaghan is the talented pixel artist behind the first edition of Buried Loot. With her experience in both game design and the NFT scene, she hopes to blend the two to help the project become something unique and fun for the community.

Jesper (SheeeshDev) - Full-stack Developer

Jesper brings loads of experience, from within other NFT projects, onto our table. His experience is very extensive in the Website and Discord area, which comes from several other successful NFT projects, as well as almost 10 years of website development.

Donnie O - Blockchain Engineer

Donnie is a computer engineer with experience programming on Ethereum & Solana blockchains. He's been involved in several NFT projects already, and has experience developing smart contracts for defi platforms.